"Safety Differently - A New View of Safety Excellence"

Ron Gantt, CSP/CET/ARM

October 13, 2017
Hs Lordships, Berkeley, CA

Tired of seeing your safety programs stagnate? This session will provide a new perspective on safety excellence based on Safety Differently. This is not a silver bullet or another ?avor of the month. Safety Differently aligns with the goals of the organization providing new solutions to old safety problems.

Current safety management approaches are based on outdated models of organizational management and human performance, some over 100 years old. No wonder while the world changes ever more rapidly, the safety profession is seeing diminishing returns for our efforts. Yet, we continue to press ahead, doing what we've always done, and getting what we've always gotten.

This session will introduce a new model of safety management - Safety Differently. Based on decades of research and practice in high risk industries, Safety Differently provides a new way to approach safety problems and a new set of tools for the safety professional.

Ron Gantt is Vice President and Principal Consultant for SCM Safety, a safety management consulting and training frm located in San Ramon, CA. He has 16 years experience in safety management in industries such as construction, utilities, and petrochemical, as well as others. Ron has a masters degree in advanced safety engineering and management, as well as undergraduate degrees in psychology and occupational safety and health. He is currently a PhD student at University of Alabama at Birmingham in Interdisciplinary Engineering. He is a Certifed Safety Professional, a Certifed Environmental, Safety and Health Trainer, and an Associate in Risk Management. Ron is also co-editor and contributor at SafetyDifferently.com.

The luncheon seminar will be held at Hs Lordships, 199 Seawall Drive, in the Berkeley Marina, (510)843-2733 (map). Registration starts at 11:15 am, lunch at 11:30 am, and presentation from 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm. Walk-ins welcome.

Please make your reservation by calling (530) 790-0432, or sending us an e-mail by Wednesday, October 4, 2017.

The cost of the seminar and a full buffet is $40. Please pay at the door, by cash or check. Make check payable to NSMS, Golden Gate Chapter. If mailing payment, please mail to this address: Alan Larson & Associates, 1469 Butte House Rd., Suite B, Yuba City, CA 95993

If online payment is made, please be sure to bring the receipt confirmation with you.
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